Rick and Sebas

Rick and Sebas are first timers. The two hunks know what they like as they move in, kissing and quickly shedding their clothes. After Sebas sucks Rick's big boner, Rick turns him around and starts chowing down on Sebas' bubble butt. Rick shoves his cock in for a few strokes before letting Sebas have some more down his throat. The two then 69 each other. Then Rick mounts Sebas' ass again and rides him. Starting gently, he then pins Sebas and buries his dick up to the balls. After a lot of work, he floods Sebas ass with his milky white cum and then continues to fuck. Then Sebas pops his pent up load and the two fall into each others arms.
Featuring:  Rick, Sebas
Release Date: 01/09/2018