Martin San Diego and Bruno Bordas

Bruno and Martin kiss passionately. Bruno touches Martin tenderly as the two start shedding their clothes. Bruno pulls Martin’s briefs down and sucks Martin’s hard cock. Martin returns the favor zipping his tongue down to Bruno’s crack. Enthralled, Bruno sucks Martin’s toes before flipping him around and helping himself to Martin’s cock and hole at the same time. He chows down before sliding his fingers into Martin’s waiting sweet butt. Martin ups the ante with two fingers and then his hard cock into Bruno’s ass. He fucks Bruno, slow and sweet at first, climbing in, getting faster and rougher. Bruno’s back arches involuntarily as he begs for more dick. Flipping again, Bruno crams his fuck stick into Martin and roughly pounds it home. Sweating, panting and staring into each other’s eyes, the two blow their well-deserved loads onto each other. They lay in each others arms while their hands glide over each other.
Featuring:  Bruno Bordas
Release Date: 09/01/2017