Diego Santos and Rafael Vivas

Rafael Vivas and Diego Santos are super horny and making out. Diego, the smaller, more compact of the two, is smooth and eager. Rafael, taller and swarthy, is definitely gay-curious and knows what buttons to push as Diego is soon on his knees, sucking his cock and getting him hard. The bottom Latino offers up his sweet ass to Rafael for inspection and although Rafa has been wanting to fuck a man's tight ass and see how it compares to pussy, he holds off. At least for now. Still, Rafa obviously knows how to work a hole because he takes Diego with his tongue and fingers, working the slutty bottom until he's near the edge. Both blow a delicious load with plenty of cum that needs to be cleaned up. Hopefully next time we'll get Rafa to fuck Diego and pound him into the mattress like the slut that he is!
Featuring:  Diego Santos, Rafael Vivas
Release Date: 06/18/2017