Bruno Bordas, Gerardo Bartok and Abdul

In another room, straight couple, Gerardo and Rocio are checking in. Bruno, the helpful bellboy brings in the luggage. The two lovers immediately get down to the business of making out. Rocio takes off, leaving Gerardo on the couch in a towel. Bruno reappears with a tray of cocktails. After sitting the tray down, he starts helping himself to Gerardo’s cocktail. Discovering his own thirst, Gerardo gets a taste of the bellboy's cock. His tongue drifts to Bruno’s ass. Just as things are getting heavy, Abdul, the maintenance man, comes in and unzips his coveralls to show his massive, hard tool. Gerardo and Bruno share, making their best attempts to swallow the whole thing. Eventually, Abdul’s tool finds it's way into Gerardo’s tight ass. He pounds away until Gerardo can't take any more then switches to the bellboy's waiting hole. The three writhe in ecstasy until Gerardo is drenched...and smiling!
Featuring:  Abdul, Bruno Bordas
Release Date: 09/11/2017