Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas

Returning from a long walk Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas have a cold drink. After sucking on an ice cube, Bruno begins to stimulate Luciano hard nipples with it. As they begin making out passionately, enjoying the taste of each other's month and sweaty bodies, going back and forth from mouth to armpits while Bruno cups Luciano's ass! Bruno on his knees bites at Luciano's bulge. Unable to stop pawing at each other like animals in heat they bite each other and swap spit. Bruno bends Luciano over the cooler and begins to taste his pink rosebud. Luciano turns to put Bruno's cock in his mouth as Bruno opens his hole with his exploring fingers. After falling to the ground Luciano, now on top, slides up to sit on Bruno's face eager to feel that hot wet tongue going wild inside of his hungry ass again. After a hot 69 session Bruno is face deep in Luciano's man pussy. A very horned up Luciano pushes Bruno on his back and proceeds to viciously face fuck him. Now on all fours in the grass Luciano rims Bruno before a series of deep thrusts. Awakened by Luciano's huge cock in him Bruno bends Luciano over the gate and pounds away like a Jack rabbit until he can't take anymore and let loose his creamy jizz on Luciano's asscrack. Soon followed by Luciano releasing his own sticky goo all over the fence.

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Felix Cohn, Bahiano Fox, Guido Cavas and Salvador Caravan

School is IN! All the boys in their white shirts and ties. After classes are finished and on his way home, Felix passes by an open door and spots Guido Cavas on his knees giving tall, muscular, Bahiano Fox an incredible blow job. Felix can't seem to look away and is caught by Salvador Caravan! Salvador invites Felix into the flat and nudges his head down on Bahiano's cock. Now Guido will have to share. Two mouths are better than one…three hard dicks are even better still! Felix is on his knees and now his real school lessons begin. Bahiano, Guida and Salvador all stand naked in front of him. Felix is now the one on his knees. He sucks on Salvador while he has his hands full with Bahiano and Guido's dick. Bahiano switches to the center with thick, perfect, Brazilian, pole, rock hard for Felix's mouth. These guys know how to share. Felix is sucking and sucking. What a good student! Finally they get him down on the couch so Guido can start eating his ass while Salvador and Bahiano keep feeding him their hot cocks. Salvador has a veiny big dick and he likes it sucked. Salvador will give it first – still bent on the couch he starts to fuck Felix's schoolboy ass while Felix continues choking on fat pole. Guido is watching everything and playing with his cock. Now it's time for Felix to sit on Bahiano's lap. Backwards cowboy. Felix spreads his legs wide open and bounces on Bahiano's thick rod, all the while his hard dick bouncing. Felix sits on a chair licking balls while Bahiano, Guido and Salvador circle jerk. He is surrounded by studs and cocks. One at a time they empty their steamy, creamy, loads on his chest.

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Felix Cohn and Leandro Braston

Leandro Braston is the new religious instructor. With a classroom full of cute Latin guys is hard for Leandro to remain focused on teaching gospel and shaping the minds of the young men. Especially when one of his students is Felix Cohn. The sexy Latino with the open gaze and ardent belief is too much for Leandro to bear. So he asks Felix to stay after class. Felix is ecstatic since he’s had the hots for Leandro since he started teaching. Now, stripped down, they can let their true desire and passions take over. Tattooed and athletic, these guys know how to suck cock and fuck tight holes! Felix knows how to please his teacher, pushing Leandro towards the edge, then getting fucked by the taller, darker tattooed man. Rewarded with a juicy load, Felix then strokes one himself, splattering his seed all over his furry belly and sealing their secret rendezvous with a kiss.

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Gerardo Bartok and Javier Scilla

After seducing Alan Efron and taking his virginity, Gerardo Bartok can't get enough ass or cock. Now he's spreading the word, as well as getting other men to spread their legs. This time he's knocked on the door of Javier Scilla, an unsuspecting soul who's curious about the good word, as well as what's hidden away inside Gerardo's pants. When Javier returns with a glass of water, he "accidentally" spills it all over Gerardo. Oops! Clumsy but effective. Javier is an avid sex hound and he can sniff out a man in need of dick service, straight or gay, and he already knows Gerardo is one of those. He immediately gets to work spreading his lips and taking Gerardo's uncut cock down his throat. Gerardo is all too eager to spread his legs to give Javier further access. Soon Gerardo is fucking Javier’s face, giving him an indication of what's to come. Before Javier knows what hit him, Gerardo's got him on his knees, ass up and pushing back. Gerardo plays with Javier's hole, priming it for a good fuck, then spreads Javier open with his fat dick. He pounds away until he delivers the message — a message that's rich and thick and juicy — all over Javier's freshly fucked ass. He then coaxes Javier to whip out an enormous load of jizz that's incredible to watch!

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Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron

Once upon a time Gerardo Bartok was a happily married man. Then he met Alan Efron during a religious studies class. He took one look at Alan’s innocence, the pert and perfect ass and those cocksucker lips. Gerardo couldn’t keep his mind on his studies. But it wasn’t just that. He could no longer concentrate on work and when he fucked his wife, all he could think of was sliding his cock balls deep in Alan’s hole. Gerardo knew there was only one thing he could do to exorcise the lewd and lascivious thoughts he was having…seduce Alan! It didn’t take much. Alan had the hots for him as well and the thought of sex with a married man was beyond titillating. Gerardo was, after all, the forbidden fruit. Gerardo borrowed a friend’s apartment and invited Alan to join him. The two were soon kissing and sucking each other, with Gerardo rimming and priming Alan’s virgin fuckhole. To get Alan even more ready for his uncut tool, Gerardo worked a dildo up Alan’s then took position behind him, fucking the eager young bottom like a dog until they’re both ready to unleash thick and creamy loads all over each other.

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